A Graveyard of Watermelons

Today I went for a walkabout. It’s a nice autumn day, it’s nice to get outside. The walk just so happened to coincide with the Automattic Worldwide WP 5K, a virtual 5K for users of WordPress. It’s not really a race, and I certainly didn’t run. So, I’ll say that my walk today was part […]

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Playing Catch-Up

I fell behind this week on my Blogging 101 assignments. For that, blame work (and the amount of writing I did for it this week) and illness. For one assignment, I had to write a blog post that expanded on a comment I left on another blog. This is not that post. Instead, I made […]

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The Blogger Hears a Who

Who’s the blog for? I raised the question “Why Blog?” in my first post for the Blogging 101 project, but I didn’t answer it. I filibustered with a history of my blogging (and WordPress) experience and skirted the question entirely. I noticed that I did that. I probably did that deliberately, albeit unconsciously. There reasons […]

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