I’m Running Out of Miracles

I am terrible with titles.

I write a lot for work, producing a decent novel length’s worth of prose every month. Coming up with titles and headlines, though, doesn’t come as easy as sales copy about the paint decos and points of articulation in a Deathstroke action figure.

For my main website, since it’s meant as a website about me and my work that happens to have a blog component to it, my title is my name. I can think of no good reason for it not to be.

My description/tagline for that site is quirky, and it’s not even a phrase I came up with myself. Rather, it was something a friend said about me, I decided it was cute and clever, and I adopted it as a motto. Everyone should have a motto.

This site has a title — The Chronicles of Awesome. This was a title I came up with a long time ago; if there was a web series about life at the office, that’s what I think it should have been called. (For history’s sake, the title I’ve held on to was “Chronicles from the Book of Awesome.” A judicious pruning seemed warranted.) I’ve also thought about using it as a title for a podcast. (My thinking about a podcast has not progressed much beyond that. To be honest, I’m not sure I would be interesting as a podcaster. I don’t have a topic, and I fear I’d run out of things to say.) When I wanted to set up a blog specifically for the Blogging 101 project, “The Chronicles of Awesome” felt right.

The tagline, I admit, is pure filler — “Random thoughts from the mind of Allyn.”

Yes, it’s accurate in a literal sense, but it’s also lacking in character. It needs something

Douglas Adams? I use a Douglas Adams quote about the deadline elves in my work e-mails. I also use “Live long and prosper” — Spock’s famous Vulcan phrase — written in Scots Gaelic, but neither seem to fit here.

Oh, I’ve got it!

I’m a huge fan of the Mancunian band Elbow, so I’m going to nick a lyric. But which lyric? That’s quite easy. I adore the song “My Sad Captains” from the band’s latest album, The Take-Off and Landing of Everything, though my favorite version of the song is actually the acoustic version from the World Cafe Live EP rather than the album version.

It has to be something from the chorus — “Oh, long before you and I were born…” No, not that. I think how the chorus ends has the right flavor for me.

“And if it’s so we only pass this way but once, what a perfect waste of time….”

There we go. That’s what it will be. Thanks, Guy Garvey!


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