Spreading Thoughts Like Dandelion Seeds

Four comments on blogs I’ve never read before!

First, a comment on a post about the new Peanuts movie trailer.

Next, a comment on the Altoona Curve’s Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood baseball jerseys.

That is absolutely amazing. Just when I think minor league baseball has overdone the theme jerseys (do we really need another danged Star Wars Night?), a team does something “out of the box.”

I can’t remember if Mr. Rogers ever said anything about baseball. I imagine he’d think that it taught people how to work together as a team. And auctioning off the jerseys to raise money for charity — especially if it’s a charity to help children — is something he would approve of. 🙂

Third, a comment on a post about Ringo Starr and how hard life can be.

Fourth, a comment on a video about the New Horizons probe.

How did I pick these posts? I went through the WordPress reader, checked twenty-five-ish topics that interested me, and then looked to see if there were posts I wanted to comment on. And these were all things that interested me.


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