Playing Catch-Up

I fell behind this week on my Blogging 101 assignments. For that, blame work (and the amount of writing I did for it this week) and illness.

For one assignment, I had to write a blog post that expanded on a comment I left on another blog. This is not that post. Instead, I made my post about the new Peanuts movie trailer on my primary blog.

Blogrolls… Eh…

I used to have links in my WordPress database, but I removed them all, and now the code for the blogroll requires a plugin (Links Manager) that hasn’t been updated in several years. I didn’t even realize the links function wasn’t part of self-hosted WordPress any longer; that’s how important a blogroll on my blog was (and is) to me.

That said.

I’m going to think about a blogroll. I’m not making any promises. I’m thinking. 🙂


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